About Us

Star Healthcare Solutions. As its name implies, we specialized in supply of medical equipment, instrument, accessories. SHS was founded in 2014 with the vision of providing overall solutions to health institutions, organization, hospitals and primary health service providers including MCHs, OPD, etc.

With objective of covering medical equipment and supplies needs in the country, which the companies or organization used to order from overseas We managed to make most of the items available in country, this helped the customers to get the orders without incurring huge logistical costs.

SHS is registered with UNGM under reference number 635900 with level 2 of supplier grade.

We have been a supplier to many health institutions across country while we have presence in entire regional states in headquartered in the Capital of Mogadishu.

Our senior staff include those with extensive experience in dealing with large organizations like UN hence we are confident to provide a relevant professional technical proposals and fair and reasonable financial proposals


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